Medex was formed in 1992 in order to support the charitable works of Medical Expeditions. Today Medex co-ordinates research expeditions and social events for a growing membership. Sharing the experience and research findings of several successful expeditions, Medex members have recently collaborated to produce and publish a free book entitled ‘Travel at High Altitude’. This site contains information and photographs from previous expeditions and events, as well as what’s next on the Medex calendar.

Medical Expeditions: A Company limited by guarantee (not having a share capital)   Registered number: 00140415 (Scotland)  Registered charity : SC0290922 


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Our next major Expedition is to Manaslu in April and May 2015. A team has already been selected to climb this 8,000m peak and we will be running research projects at Manaslu Base Camp. Please come along to our meeing at the Old Dungeon Ghyll to learn more about this expedition.

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