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Medex was formed in 1992 in order to support the charitable works of Medical Expeditions. Today Medex co-ordinates research expeditions and social events for a growing membership. Sharing the experience and research findings of several successful expeditions, Medex members have recently collaborated to produce and publish a free book entitled ‘Travel at High Altitude’. This site contains information and photographs from previous expeditions and events, as well as what’s next on the Medex calendar.

Medical Expeditions: A Company limited by guarantee (not having a share capital)   Registered number: 00140415 (Scotland)  Registered charity : SC0290922 


  • Download our free book on travelling at high altitude .
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  • Take a look at the photos from our recent Hidden Valley expedition.



Please come along to our meeing at the Old Dungeon Ghyll to learn more about this expedition.

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