Medex Manaslu Medical Expedition 2015

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medical expeditions research guidelines

Full research proposals: Uploads done on 27/5/14.

1. Testing the relationship between fitness and expedition success: Is being fitter
associated with less illness, more enjoyment and better performance?

2. The sources of stress and associated coping strategies when working at altitude

3. Effect of positive expiratory pressure on symptoms, extravascular lung water accumulation and cardiovascular function at high altitude

4. Cerebrovascular benefits of remote ischaemic preconditioning during ascent to high-altitude; implications for acute mountain sickness?

5. Sleep disturbances, tissue oxygenation and acclimatization at high altitude

6. Porter Wellfare Project - full proposal.


Full Lay Summaries of all projects Updated 18th January 2015

Letter to Research Volunteers 29/5/2014

All projects now have ethical committee apporval