Page for Medex Members

Please fee free to send in links to your own online photogalleries, websites and blogsites. The aim is to make this page as rich as possible.Please click this link to access a data form so that I can collect the links on-line and build up the dataabse

Below are links to some web sites and blog sites of our members:

Denzil Broadhurst Hidden Valley Photo Gallery and Kayaking around Jura during Medex weekend in May 2008

Martin Curren Hidden Valley Photo Gallery

Simon & Sally Currin sailing Blogsite: The Voyages of Shimshal also John Muir Trail photo gallery and Assorted Ski Touring photo gallery.

Sven Dietrich and Jenny Landerer:

Emma Lloyd-Davies - excellent photo gallery of Nepal 2008

Stephan Sanders - photo gallery of Nepal 2008and his collections of science photos